Victoria Fan is a character in The CW's 2019 television series Nancy Drew. She is George Fan's mother and a psychic. Victoria Fan is portrayed by Liza Lapira.


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Victoria is an alcoholic. She has four daughters all from different men, and none of the fathers appear to still be in the picture. Her relationship with her daughter George is strained.


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Plot summary

When Bess is attacked, apparently by a ghost, George calls in her mother Victoria to assist. Victoria's assessment is that the ghost of Tiffany Hudson is confused, and she gives them advice on how to put Tiffany's ghost to rest.[2] When Tiffany's ghost later possesses George, Victoria helps expel the spirit.[3]


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  • In the other adaptions, George's mother's name is never stated.
    • In the other adaptions of Nancy Drew she is not shown and wasn't mentioned to be an alcoholic to drown out her psychic powers.


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