Vivian Burnett Whitmore was Mickey Malone's former girlfriend in the late 1920s/early 1930s. Jeff Akers thinks her name used to be Vivian Burnett.


Vivian was the girlfriend of Mickey Malone for five years, during the late 1920s and early 1930s. From information gathered in the game, Vivian was twenty years younger than Mickey, and did not approve of his gangster lifestyle.

Vivian and Mickey broke up shortly after he committed the The Hole-in-the-Floor Gold Heist in 1931. She would have been about twenty-one during that time, meaning that she was about sixteen when she began dating Mickey.

Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

In 2002, Nancy calls Vivian to ask her some questions about Mickey Malone. She ends up sending Nancy a key to get into the speakeasy. She likes Birch Beer, and Mickey would always keep in on tap for her in the speakeasy.

She is also friends with Eustacia Andropov. Eustacia (who is 96 in 2001) is 5 years older than Vivian, meaning Vivian was born in 1910.


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