Werewolf in a Winter Wonderland is the 175th and final book in the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories book series. It was first published in 2003 by Aladdin, an imprint of Simon & Schuster. In this book, Nancy investigates the disappearance of two wolves from a federal wolf preserves, and disasters befalling a carnival.

Following this book, the original series was cancel and rebooted as Nancy Drew: Girl Detective with the first book Without a Trace.


Official synopsis from the publisher's back cover:

Things are hairy in River Heights this holiday season. Two wolves have disappeared from WildWolf, the federal wolf preserve just outside of town. Local farmers think the missing wolves are killing their sheep, but there are also rumors of werewolf sightings nearby. At the same time, the annual River Heights Winter Carnival is set to begin. When the first two days of the outdoor festival are full of tragic disasters, Nancy can’t help but wonder—is there a link between the carnival's trouble and the missing wolves?
After the carnival’s beautiful ice palace is destroyed, Nancy’s sure there’s a wolf at River Heights’s door. But is the leader of this pack of crimes human, or beast?


Chapter titles:

  1. A Wild Night at WildWolf
  2. A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?
  3. An Unfortunate Meeting
  4. The Message Is Crystal Clear
  5. Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?
  6. The Hair of the Wolf
  7. A Fortune Comes True
  8. In the Light of the Full Moon
  9. Wild Weather at WildWolf
  10. A Blizzard of Clues
  11. Frozen in Midair
  12. When Wolves Fly
  13. Let’s Start Over
  14. Howliday on Ice
  15. The Culprit Is Iced

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Characters appearing in this book include:

  • Nancy Drew
  • George Fayne
  • Bess Marvin
  • Ned Nickerson
  • Brianda Bunch
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  • River Heights


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Type Publisher Released ISBN Length
Paperback Aladdin / Simon & Schuster Nov 1, 2003 0-689-86182-6 160 pages
eBook Aladdin / Simon & Schuster Jul 16, 2013 978-1-4391-1411-7 160 pages

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