Wicked for the Weekend
House name Carolyn Keene
Publication information
Publisher Archway Paperbacks[1]
Producer Mega-Books of New York[1]
Publication date October 1997[1]
Media type Paperback
ISBN ISBN 0671007483
Series The Nancy Drew Files
Preceded by Strange Memories
Followed by Crime at the Ch@t Café

Wicked for the Weekend is the 123rd book in The Nancy Drew Files series. It was first published in October 1997 by Archway Paperbacks (an imprint of Simon & Schuster).

Plot summary

Nancy's found a murder mystery that's all fun, until the killer gets real!

Ned's fraternity is sponsoring a murder mystery weekend at the Old Pine Inn. The idea is that actors stage a murder, and the first guest to solve it wins a prize. For Nancy and Ned, the real prize is to spend some fun romantic time together. Or that's the plan. But the weekend is about to turn deadly serious.

Micheal Wentworth, presdent of Ned's fraternity, has been invited to take part in the play. His role: murder victim. But somebody's added a dash a realism to the presentation-and a dash of real poison to his tea. Micheal survives, but for how long? Nancy knows the drama is just beginning and that murder could still get in the act!


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