Yumi Shimizu

Yumi Shimizu is a character in Shadow at the Water's Edge.

Character Summary

Yumi is Kasumi's older daughter who runs a bento stand called Happy Bento in the inner city of Kyoto. As the oldest daughter, she is, by tradition, to inherit her family's ryokan, though she chooses to live a life in the city instead. She has a very strained relationship with her family and Rentaro, due, in part, to her unconventional views and over-bearing personality. Players can meet and interact with Yumi at her bento stand by the Technology Expo in Kyoto. Miwako considers her a brat, and Yumi thinks Miwako needs to have more fun. She is apparently very trusting, as she gives you a key to her apartment that she adores. She makes her own clothes, and loves the color pink.