Z. B. Collingwood directed the original version of Pharaoh in 1936.


A year before directing Pharaoh, Collingwood had met Lois Manson, and immediately cast her as the lead character Nefertiti. However, when Lois died from a snake bite on set, the film quickly wrapped and the set was bulldozed over, along with the footage of Manson's death and Nefertiti's Jewel of Karnak, which was used in the film.

Collingwood recorded that Lois was a terrible actress, but wanted her to be remembered by something other than her acting skills because she was so beautiful. This mysterious sentiment may have made it sound like he murdered her.

However, Nancy finds the lost footage in 2008, in which Lois simply gets up and leaves. Nancy also finds a note that says that Collingwood kept the original Jewek of Karnak for himself, while the jewel in the film was a replica.

Depending on the ending the player gets in Lights, Camera, Curses!, Lois either walks away in the lost footage or opens up her bracelet to reveal the Jewel of Karnak and hides it in a corner, which Nancy then finds.

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