Zeke's is a curio shop in the French quarter of New Orleans.


Zeke's was sold to a man named Lamont Warrick on the condition that he wouldn't change its name. Interestingly, the man Lamont bought the shop from wasn't named Zeke either.

Zeke's sells a wide variety of curios such as "magic toast" and a selection of hoodoo powders. When Bruno Bolet died, his grand-nephew Henry quietly pawned several of his belongings to Lamont, including a skeleton costume Bruno wore to the meetings of the Jolly Rodger Krewe and the case where Bruno's crystal skull was kept when he first received it.

Legend of the Crystal Skull

Bess looks around and goes snooping in the back room for clues in what Henry Bolet sold to Lamont. She later breaks in and steals the skeleton costume that helps her sneak into the Jolly Rodger Krewe meeting.


  • The origin of the shop's name was never given; It is possible that the previous owner got it from yet another owner, who might have been named Zeke. It could also be Her Interactive having fun.
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